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Group Companies

Unfortunately there are still some companies in the DB Schenker Group in Sweden that cannot handle e-invoices. We, however, ask all suppliers with whom we use e-procurement to send e-invoices to all companies who can handle it.

No matter how you received the order from us.

Group companies within DB Schenker Sweden (e-procurement with Visma Proceedo)



Schenker AB
incl Coldsped, Air & Ocean, Rail
Schenker Logistics ABYes/YesSE5565135471017365565136479
Schenker North ABYes/YesSE5563611762017365563611765
Schenker Consulting ABYes/YesSE5561670380017365561670387
Schenker Åkeri ABYes/NoSE5561444844017365561444841
Schenker AG BTLYes/NoSE5560164310017365560164313
Schenker Dedicated Services ABYes/NoSE5563084663017365563084663
Schenker Privpak ABYes/NoSE5561243980017365561243987
Schenker Property ABYes/NoSE5560605411017365560605410

Invoice addresses
Only e-invoice to the following group companies.

Schenker ABSE-412 97Göteborg
Schenker Logistics ABSE-412 97Göteborg
Schenker North ABSE-412 97Göteborg
Schenker Consulting ABSE-412 97Göteborg

Only paper invoice to the following group companies.

Schenker Åkeri ABP.O. Box 13039 SE-402 51Göteborg
Schenker AG c/o BTL ABSE-412 97Göteborg
Schenker Dedicated Services ABP.O. Box 324SE-412 97Göteborg
Schenker Privpak ABP.O. Box 905SE-501 10Borås
Schenker Property ABSE-412 97Göteborg

Last modified: 01.02.2014

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