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Intelligent logistics systems, customised to your business operations

Deregulation of the pharmacy market in Sweden has led to stricter demands in terms of logistical efficiency and sustainable transport systems.

DB Schenker can offer the full range – from customised solutions for the transport and distribution of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to efficient third-party logistics, adapted specifically to pharmaceutical handling and product processing.

The DB Group has long experience of logistics services for leading global healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. It also offers customised logistics and transport for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in Sweden.

A growing number of companies are choosing to outsource inventory management in order to focus on their core business. Moving from a fixed cost to a variable cost offers companies a more flexible solution with reduced outlay.

Our new GreenBuilding-certified warehouse in Stockholm is adapted in every respect to efficient inventory management with potential for product processing. The facility is fully compliant with the strict safety and quality stipulations in the healthcare sector.

Wholesale Permits
DB Schenker Logistics Stockholm (Arlanda City) complies with the MPA requirements for wholesaling licenses. We currently are a holder of a wholesaling permit for business carried out for Apoteket AB.

Lowest overall cost at specified quality
We can provide the requisite logistics facility and arrange consolidation of your company’s deliveries at the lowest overall cost and still maintain the specified quality level. As a customer you have access to the expertise of committed, knowledgeable staff and advanced IT systems with full track and trace capability.

Full track and trace capability
In many cases the transport of pharmaceuticals requires specially equipped vehicles and trained drivers. DB Schenker offers customised solutions for the transport of pharmaceuticals under temperaturecontrolled conditions and with drivers trained to meet the specific demands and needs of each customer. During transport the goods remain safe and are not exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, moisture or light. The customer can follow the progress of the goods at every stage with full identification.

Changing market
Logistics requirements in this specialised segment are changing more and more with a growing number of delivery addresses. A comprehensive transport network is crucial if a logistics system is to function efficiently. With the DB Schenker network you can dispatch larger consignments and parcels to companies and private individuals with short lead times.

Last modified: 13.08.2013

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