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The industry is marked by long lead times and short seasons, which definitely puts our resources, flexibility and capacity to the test.

Apart from standard processes -  put away, storage and distribution -  we have developed specially adapted services for Consumer/Retail-Fashion.

We offer our customers good consolidation - in the Far East for example. In doing so we work together for a better environment and at the same time keep down the cost of your incoming deliveries. We also handle quality control and delivery orders. Goods traceability is available all the way from the Far East to Sweden.

Save time, space and resources
By checking quality and pricing the goods at our facility you save time and resources at the store and free up sales and display space. We can check the quality of barcodes, labels, colours and seams. And with resource control incorporated into our flexible solution, we can also help you deal with seasonal variations.

The right balance between push and pull
A key aspect in this segment is striking the right balance between push and pull. To support you in this we offer flexible and highly efficient crossdocking and picking processess. Through the DB Schenker Group´s global network we can provide complete distribution solutions.

Last modified: 01.02.2014

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