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Service logistics requires strict precision

At DB Schenker, service logistics means control, performance and follow-up of transport, storage, handling and repair of replacement and service parts on an individual level throughout the whole of the product lifespan.

Key concepts are availability and delivery precision.

Our logistics services are used by companies with strict demands regarding availability and delivery precision. We can be reached 24 hours a day and we ensure that the right parts is in the right place, at the right time and at the lowest overall cost.

Short lead times
We offer storage and distribution from strategically located logistics centres and 40 service depots as well as distribution to and from 250 drop points in the Nordic region. We can provide customers with critical products and in doing so meet strict demands for service and lead times down to two hours throughout the whole of the Nordic region. To ensure swift transport we collaborate with the leading airfreight and courier companies in the Nordic region.

Specialised workshops
Working with our partners at strategic locations we offer repair services at ten specialised electronics workshops. All the workshops have a high level of technical expertise and quality.

Last modified: 11.12.2015

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