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The food sector

Basically, logistics is all about the simple things. Like having the right thing in the right place at the right time. But for those who work in the food sector it's more complicated.

We are talking about impeccable hygiene, from the ingredients all the way to the end consumer. Unbroken temperature chains for refrigerated and frozen goods. Traceability and documentation. Elements that are self-evident but must always work. Logistics in competent hands generate added value. Day-to-day life becomes simpler and you have more time to devote to what is important – running your operations and doing good business.

This is where DB Schenker comes in.


We are a global company with extensive networks and long experience. We work with many of the largest Swedish food companies and we have documented expertise in unique solutions and large-scale, complex logistics problems.

This also makes it interesting for those with more modest requirements. The networks and resources we create for our large customers also help us to be an efficient partner for smaller customers. All our staff have received HACCP training. A high level of service, in-depth knowledge of the industry and active mitigation of environmental impact are a consistent part of our offer.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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