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Spare parts logistics

Within spare parts logistics, precision is everything. A great deal of what you promise your customers will need to be provided by someone else.

The technician must have the parts in his or her hand at the appointed time and place and you must be able to rely unconditionally on your partners. At the same time, handling spare parts is probably not included in your core operations and is something that you would happily avoid spending time and energy on. This could make third-party logistics and efficient handling of returns of interest.

DB Schenker can help you with all this.

We are a global company with a strong local presence. This means that almost everyone in Sweden is close to one of our collection points. It also means that we can we send a critical part to Singapore within 24 hours and that we can set up a worldwide spare parts logistics system.

We have considerable experience, particularly with regard to electronics, telecommunications and the automotive industry, but also in a wide range of other sectors.

Our efficient infrastructure provides considerable flexibility to satisfy the needs of many different customers. Our third-party logistics system not only offers picking, packing and delivery but also services such as handling returns, complete with workshop control and simple repairs. You have a documented high level of quality and security and a perfect overview of all your flows. Not to mention the best possible delivery precision.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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