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Pulp and paperindustry

The Swedish pulp and paper industry is important. Not just for those who work in the industry but for the whole of Sweden.

It is one of our key export industries, it is of major financial significance and it employs large numbers of people, both at home and abroad. That is why you need a logistics partner that can live up to the same strict demands that apply to your own operations. A partner that can keep flows moving worldwide and without disruption. A partner with breadth and weight and who understands and has experience of your industry.

A partner such as DB Schenker.


We are a global company with extensive resources. We use all types of load carriers and we assume responsibility using our own staff – all the way, all over the world. Your freight is heavy, bulky and cost-sensitive and could have special requirements with regard to hygiene and moisture control. And the flows are never allowed to stop. Continuity is everything. All these are requirements that we are used to satisfying.

DB Schenker has well-documented expertise in logistics specific to the pulp and paper industry. An important element in this expertise is experience, in particular among employees who have worked in the pulp and paper industry. This is all part of the added value we can bring to your business.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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