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Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry is an incredibly broad sector. But regardless of whether your product can be placed in a small box or if it requires a complete rail truck, you essentially have the same logistical requirements.

The transport process needs to flow, be reliable and maintain a high degree of precision, both to you and from you. Logistical mistakes result in production disruptions and/or dissatisfied customers and you cannot afford either. What's more, in today's globalised world the need for a partner with wide-ranging capability is more the rule than the exception.

All this makes DB Schenker a good choice.


We work with all forms of load carriers – road, rail, sea and air – and in effect we can reach any part of the world using our own system. This means we have full control of the entire transport chain and we can focus exclusively and without bias on creating the transport solution that is best suited to your specific needs. We are always close to you and your customers. In Sweden we operate at some 30 locations and worldwide we have around 2,000 offices in 130 countries.

The structures and processes we create for customers who require tailored solutions and dedicated channels for large freight volumes form the backbone of our operations. This is what makes us an interesting partner, even for those who have less extensive operations.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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