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If you are working with pharmaceuticals you live in a world governed by strict legal and regulatory systems. Quite obvious when you think about it – it's people's lives and health that are at stake.

European GDP rules are strict and the stipulations laid down by the Swedish Medical Products Agency certainly don't make it easier for those operating in Sweden.

That is why you need a transport and logistics partner with a very strong offer. And that is what DB Schenker can provide. In fact in many ways it is unique.

All our employees and our partners' employees in Sweden have undergone GDP training, which means around 10,000 people on all levels in our transport solution. A unique degree of security that our competitors are unable to match. Equally unique is our temperature measurement in real time on the consignment level at every stage in the transport process. The result is unbeatable security, not only for you but also for your customers.

Many major pharmaceutical companies have already chosen us as a partner. We have daily deliveries to 1,350 pharmacies throughout Sweden. We also serve health centres throughout the country and for some customers we operate third-party storage. This creates structures and processes that you can benefit from even if your logistics requirements are less extensive.

DB Schenker has worldwide operations, which means that we can handle exports with the same level of security as our domestic transport.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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