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DB Schenker solves SmartaSaker's transport

SmartaSaker sells – that's right – smart things that make life easier and which are perhaps a little more fun. The range includes cycle helmets with an inbuilt flashing LED lamp, invisible bookshelves, app-controlled meat thermometers and thousands of other us

Åsa Malmsten is one of the owners: "Many of our products come from our network of Swedish innovators. Some have it as a profession although many are individuals who invent things as a hobby or as a sideline."

SmartaSaker mainly sells via its web shop and in 2012 it had annual revenue of SEK 10 million. It has DB Schenker as its logistics partner.

So there is good reason to assume that SmartaSaker has many suppliers?

"Far too many," says Åsa Malmsten, who runs the company together with her colleague Ella Stemme. "But DB Schenker handles all the transport, both incoming and outgoing."

Outgoing mainly involves delivery to private individuals. What do your customers expect?

"Speed and precision. Speed in particular is a really big thing," Åsa Malmsten says. "When a person has bought something they want it quickly. It is therefore a major advantage that DB Schenker has so many collection points with good opening hours. And at a reasonable price of course."

The average package from SmartaSaker weighs 1.7 kilos and certain packages are small enough to put through a letterbox. Does DB Schenker take care of everything?

"It happens that we quite simply send really small things by post. And sometimes people want to avoid having to go to a collection point for their parcel, which is why the postal alternative is included in our web shop. Schenker still handles 99 per cent of our consignments," Ella Stemme says.

It is also possible to have a delivery made to your workplace if you wish but according to Åsa and Ella there are as yet relatively few customers that choose this option.

Quick and good at handling claims

SmartaSaker is generally very satisfied with its collaboration with DB Schenker and they state that Schenker knows the e-trade sector and that they have the right price and level of service. But of course things go wrong sometimes and in that case it is all about making the best of the situation.

"DB Schenker is quick and efficient at handling claims whilst the competitors are often more bureaucratic. There was one occasion a couple of years ago when a few too many things went wrong in one consignment, which caused problems for us," Åsa Malmsten says. "But we're still working with DB Schenker, which says all there is to say about how well they dealt with the situation on that particular occasion."

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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