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Pelle P enters the e-trade era with help from DB Schenker

We have spoken to Jarl Alfgården and Annika Lindqvist at Pelle P about the journey from third-party logistics via transport partnership through to e-trade.

Enlarge imagePelle P, Pelle P

Pelle P has a long history with DB Schenker.

"E-trade is quite new for us and we are pleased that we have chosen DB Schenker as our logistics partner as they know the area and they were an excellent source of support for us when we were getting started."

Pelle P is, of course, Pelle Pettersson, world sailing champion on several occasions, America's Cup skipper and an industrial designer with the Volvo P1800 and Maxi boats on his list of merits.

The Pelle P clothing brand naturally includes sailing wear in its range, but there is also a wide selection of other functional, attractive leisurewear that meets strict requirements. In recent years, the company has grown rapidly, doubling its turnover since 2009. This development has taken place for a number of years with help from DB Schenker, most recently in e-trade.

Third-party logistics was the starting point.

"We contacted DB Schenker initially in the middle of the 2000s. We were growing rapidly and could no longer cope with our stock management alone," says Jarl Alfgården, head of accounting and finance at Pelle P. This is how we acquired them as a third-party logistics partner.

Collaboration has worked out well and it was an obvious development to allow DB Schenker to also handle the transport, both from suppliers and out to the stores. E-trade with another transport provider commenced at the same time.

E-trade expertise

Annika Lindqvist is responsible for ordering and customer service at Pelle P: "It was on a very small scale initially. We actually didn't think that DB Schenker worked with private individuals until a couple of years ago, when we were on the threshold of a major e-trade investment. We contacted them and got to know about the Privpak service."

Jarl and Annika state that good customer cases and considerable insight into the intricacies of e-trade were crucial factors.

"They quite obviously knew more than we did at the time," Jarl Alfgården says.

Relationship and innovation

What is the relationship like with DB Schenker?

"We have incredibly good collaboration," Annika Lindqvist says, "and that's important. Ensuring the customer receives the right things quickly and reliably are key requirements and not an area that should be subject to competition. Good service and treating people well are what make the difference."

It is also important that DB Schenker is innovative and remains at the forefront.

"I expect and I receive leadership from DB Schenker. There is no doubt that they have the muscle. At the same time, it is easy to believe that they are too big for a relatively small company such as us, but that is definitely not so in our case," Jarl Alfgården concludes.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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