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If you are working with e-trade you know that logistics is not just about what your company needs. It is just as important to know what your customers want. Ultimately, delivery is a crucial component in your customer promise.

The keyword is flexibility. Home delivery during the evening or at work during the daytime. Some people like to collect from a collection point at a local shop. Others prefer to go to the freight terminal.

We have the widest range of delivery alternatives on the market and a national network of collection points and terminals. Your customer is just as close to us as you are. This makes us a strong e-trade partner.

Quite simply: we can strengthen your customer offer.


We also know that e-trade companies are different. For some it is the core of their business concept whilst for others it is of lesser importance. Some are large, others small. Customers can be private individuals or companies. Some are new to the market. Others have been around for years. Our experience, size and flexibility allow us to provide a logistics solution for everyone.

DB Schenker is a global company with a wide-reaching offer. Rapid freight movement when necessary or less rapid when cost effectiveness is what is needed. We know all about imports and exports and we can arrange home delivery abroad. We can offer third-party storage, climate-compensated freight and a great deal besides. The standard is high and we are here to stay.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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