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At DB Schenker we know there is a difference between delivering to a warehouse and directly to a store. And if it happens to be your store then you know exactly why.

Early and on time are the watchwords. You must know when you need to gather your resources in order to deal with incoming goods. And the best time is naturally before the store is full of customers eager to buy. And that of course is when we deliver – early and on time.

We adapt to your daily routine, not the other way around. In short, we offer store-friendly logistics.

Having said that, all stores are unique. That is why we create unique solutions.

It begins with a personal meeting. You have the opportunity to speak to your contact and often one of the drivers who will work with you. We talk through your needs in order to create your specific solution. Once work begins you can reach us quickly and easily by telephone or e-mail for information and support.

DB Schenker is a global company with substantial resources. We offer complete logistics solutions – all the way from your supplier through to the store, including third-party storage and services such as relabelling and quality control. Even if your partners happen to be in Bangladesh, China or somewhere else in the world, they are just as close to us as you are.

It is a fact that our size allows us to be extremely close to you. We have 21 district offices throughout the country and our 1,600 collection points, located where your customers live, make us a strong partner in your e-trade investment.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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