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Automotive industry

Production must never stop. That is probably the simplest way to sum up what is important when it comes to logistics for the automotive industry.

Regardless of where in the manufacturing chain your company is working, you need short lead times and reliable deliveries at an even rate. Times must be adhered to exactly, regardless of whether we are dealing with small parts or large, complete systems.

A high standard of delivery is vital. Anything else would create problems at the next stage. Problems that inevitably turn back on you and become your problems.

That is why DB Schenker is a good partner.

We are a global company, offering a wide range of services and extensive resources. We have efficient solutions for everyone involved in the automotive industry. Our networks cover the whole country, forming a 'public transport system' for freight, and you are never far from one of our terminals.

We transport by road, rail, sea and air. We offer warehousing and peripheral services and we have extensive experience of sequential deliveries, including local assembly.

For many major customers, we produce adapted solutions, including our own customer service with specialist expertise and direct contact with the customer's systems. We have built up considerable experience over a long period, coupled with solid expertise and working methods that reinforce our offer, even for small customers.

Last modified: 07.11.2014

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