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DB Schenker has worked systematically with quality since the early nineties.

We run a management system for the entire operation called OD, or operations development, including quality management systems as per ISO 9001 and environment management systems as per ISO 14001. Our original ISO 9001 certificate dates from July 1993 and our first ISO 14001 certificate from 1997. The certification authority is LRQA (Lloyds Register Business Assurance).

Quality policy
Our operations shall undergo a constant development, which means that;

  • all our activities have the same purpose
  • we meet government regulations
  • our resources are used where they are most useful to customers and where they generate the best profitability
  • our development is governed  by the expectations of the surrounding world and future demands 
  • we constantly increase our quality and strive to offer the best possible benefits to our customers. We focus on concrete improvements of quality.

Business plan
The company management group comprises our managing director, Mats Grundius, the deputy managing director and the executive. The management is responsible for the contents of the corporate business plan. The business plan is wielded as a control instrument and includes a description of company operations, operational responsibilities, organisation structure, core values, policies, targets and calculation and measuring methods, actions plans and reporting routines.

Internal training
Society and the world around us undergo constant changes. The best way to meet the demands of our customers is to have well-educated personnel. By the use of ongoing internal training we can both achieve this objective and operate with well-motivated personnel.

Internal and external quality and environment audits
To assure ourselves that we are providing the service our customers expect, we conduct regular audits of our management systems.

The Strategy, Quality and Sustainability department
Within Schenker AB, the Strategy, Quality and Sustainability department co-ordinates work on the quality related matters of environment, damage prevention, claims handling and insurance, operations development and dangerous goods.

Digressions and goods search
We have routines and systems for catching up with any digressions for both national and international transport. On this web site you can follow a shipment route from loading to unloading via the Tracking program.

In parallel with ISO standard 9001 development, DB Schenker work on quality matters has changed direction towards a more process oriented attitude and thus we are now certified as per ISO 9001:2008.

Last modified: 05.09.2016

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