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About DB Schenker in Sweden

DB Schenker develops and produces transports, logistics and information services that meet the demand of the market as regards quality, efficiency, simplicity and environmental responsibility.

DB Schenker logistics network makes it possible to gather knowledge, experience and ideas from all parts of the world. This meets the demands from clients and community. The network also gives the possibility to combine different ways of transport i.e. truck, ship, airplane and train – to create logistics solutions with the best possible balance between economical and environmental demands.

It often shows that the logistics solutions that best meet the demands for a sustainable development are the most cost efficient. This is the basis for all our work – locally and globally.

We are market leaders because
· We are where you and your customers are
· Competent and skilful staff
· Advanced logistics services: third part logistics, flow logistics, green logistics and so on
· Wide basic offer
· Invest in quality – ISO 9001
· Active environmental work – ISO 14001
· National covering network and frequent departures

DB Schenker in Sweden
· Turnover 12 billion SEK
· 3 800 employees
· 4,000 loading units
· 6,000 employees in 300 cooperative hauliers
· 42,000 agreement customers
· 20,2 million goods and parcel consignments  handled each year
· 83,600 sea and air consignments a year
(Figures from 2013)

Last modified: 04.04.2016

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