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Below are FAQ and contact details for Customer Service. If you have a quick question for Customer Service, we recommend starting a chat.

Delivery time?
The delivery time depends on what you will receive. If you  are collecting a package from a  service point the delivery time is about 2-4 business days. Deliveries to service points are always notified to the recipient.
Home deliveries notifies no later than the day before delivery.
Otherwise our deliveries goes according to our timetable, with the exception of certain options. Search our timetable here (in Swedish).

My shipment has status "Not delivered", what happens now?
The shipment will go back to the nearest terminal and a notification starts. Have you not received any notification, please contact the sender or Customer Service and state your ten-digit shipment number.

From wich service point do i retrieve my shipment?
You can search your shipment in our tracking and see which service point your shipment is delivered to.

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Feel free to e-mail us if you have questions and views that do not require an immediate answer.

Last modified: 25.08.2016

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