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Claim notification

The notification relates to damaged parcel or goods. Schenker AB:s Conditions of carriage, identical to Nordic Association of Freight General Conditions for Transport, Forwarding and storage apply to all contracts for tasks performed by Schenker.

To make a claim:

  • For parcel import, contact shipper.
  • For missing goods/parcel – contact Your nearest DB Schenker office at this link.
  • For damage on goods/parcel- use the form below

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Transport information:

Does this claim regard an agent delivery?
Please enter Shipper reference no, Waybill no or STT no
Please enter the transport date
Are there any remarks made on the POD? *

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Is there a supply/transport insurance? *

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Who is the claimant? *

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Description of the damage:

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Please enter the weight of the damaged goods (just numbers)
Type of damage *

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Please describe the packaging
Please describe the damage
Photos of the damage
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Extent of the damage *

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Please wnter the full claimed amount in SEK below. If the amount is not known yet, make an estimated requirement. If the claim is complete, please attach a commercial invoice or other document, receipt etc. to substantiate your claim.

Please enter the complete claim (just numbers)
Commercial invoice, reciept or other document
Select file:
Accounting for VAT:

Account details where you want to eu. compensation paid

Where is the goods in case of survey?

Enter the address and contact details below if it is different from the claiment. It is important that you do not return, sell, dispose or repair the goods without first contacting us. The packaging must be retained.


Last modified: 31.10.2016

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