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Working at DB Schenker

Currently, we are a total of 4000 employees at 50 locations in Sweden. Globally, DB Schenker is represented in 130 countries worldwide.

Here are all the professions represented: drivers, accountants, logisticians, IT technicians, marketers, terminal workers and others.

DB Schenker is a venerable company with values ​​that are strongly entrenched. The corporate culture provides security and strength and we are proud of it. It has made ​​us the market leader.

Values ​​that characterize us at DB Schenker in Sweden:

- We do it right from the start.
- We know that customer requirements make us more efficient.
- We treat the customer as we ourselves want to be treated.
- We support each other and have an open climate.
- We take responsibility for people, the environment and society.
- We are proud to be "glocal" - a global company with local roots.

This is how some of our employees describe what it is like to work at DB Schenker:

Easy to change position within the company

It is sometimes an advantage that DB Schenker is located all over Sweden. Peter Sjöström, for example, moved from Stockholm to Helsingborg - without losing his job as a foreman on the package.

- For those who want there are great opportunities at DB Schenker. It´s human and safe here, also there is good spirit of comradeship, says Peter.

Not only logistics
Eva Lindblom on e-services is responsible for DB Schenker's e-services.
- We develop and improve the services all the time and are trying to find new services that customers demand. At the moment, statistical services are in great demand. Many people want to be able to pick out the transmission statistics and quality measurements on our shipments directly from the Internet. They just demand to see how good we are.

-  I don´t think you can have a better job than this. It´s rewarding to have a job where my services are so sought after by so many.

Every two ladies at DB Schenker in Borås
Still, there are few women working at DB Schenker terminals. And even fewer are supervisors. But there are exceptions. At DB Schenker Privpak terminal in Borås it is 50/50.

When Petra Viitala started on the terminal a few years ago, she was, along with five other women who started at the same time, the first woman on the terminal. When recruiting Schenker does not search effective for women, but now there are most female candidates for the positions.
- The rumor has spread that it´s fun to work with us, says Petra.

Cooperative haulage
It says DB Schenker on all cars and clothing, so it's like one big family.
- It feels good to work for DB Schenker, says one of our haulier. In addition to DB Schenker's own trucking business, which is concentrated in the subsidiary Schenker Åkeri, DB Schenker operates with 300 cooperative hauliers with nearly 700 employees. Cooperation is tight and it is always an open climate.

Last modified: 01.02.2014

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